Yes; for all of our magnetising equipment we make the health and safety general recommendations.

The ‘Best Before End’ (BBE) date is an indication of the recommended shelf life of our products.

The BBE date is derived from the date where the product is manufactured. In general, we give a 5-year shelf life.

Clearly, it is the best practise to ensure that all in-use materials are within their BBE date.

It takes several days to manufacture and fill our aerosol products; occasionally, those days span two consecutive months.

The flash point of a liquid is the lowest temperature at which vapours from the liquid will ignite.

Flammable liquids have a flash point that is in the range 21°C to 55°C.

PMCC refers to the Pensky-Martens Closed Cup method which is used by Glodelcs to carry out flash point testing.

Yes, we do, you will find this information on our Resource center page.